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About Us
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About Us

Clivia Bio is an Italian cosmetic company engaged in the production of natural, organic and certified cosmetics, it is a young and independent brand, with the beauty and health of the body at heart.

Clivia Bio, in its originality, reflects the tradition of Italian artisan cosmetics by embracing the principles of ecology through the use of high quality organic raw materials.

The entire production is eco-sustainable and aims to offer a safe, guaranteed and certified organic product. Clivia Bio, in fact, combines in its formulations the most innovative cosmetic technologies combined with the precious wisdom of nature.

In each product only raw materials from biodynamic crops are used, organic and wild to create beauty and wellness products with a strong personality. The organic certification makes Clivia Bio products essential for those who love nature but do not want to give up the beauty of their body.

Clivia Bio products have specific lines to meet the different needs of women and men of various age groups.